New updates, fixes, and improvements to TypicalBot

July 9, 2022

Slash command localization

In this release we've added support for slash command localization. We've fully localized our commands, subcommands, and parameters in Mandarin. We have partial support for Spanish and expect to finish it in the coming days.

Additionally, we've removed the last remaining non-community management/moderation commands from TypicalBot. We're working on a brand new feature-set of community management tools and extending our current moderation functionality. See the commands removed below:

  • /8ball
  • /interact
  • /randomuser
June 30, 2022

A better changelog

In today's release, we are mashing the changelog inside of our Discord server and the roadmap together to see what's new!

In addition to the changelog, we have pushed attachments and default_recommended in our AutoMod feature to stable. We have also removed some commands due to lack of use. See complete list below:

  • /advice
  • /animal
  • /chucknorris
  • /meme
  • /pun
  • /urban
  • /yearfact
  • /yomomma